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Tenzo Tea: The Future of Caffeine and Sustainability is Matcha

In 2016, a unique twist on an age-old beverage emerged. Tenzo Tea, a modern take on the ancient, healthy drink of matcha, was crafted to redefine our caffeine sources. This was in response to the tired feelings that many experienced from the traditional coffee and sugar-loaded energy drinks. With Tenzo’s inception, a new era dawned, dramatically altering the way Americans perceive and consume caffeine.

Surpassing expectations, Tenzo quickly grew to become America’s fastest-growing matcha company. A growing number of caffeine enthusiasts began to abandon their morning coffee rituals, making the switch to Tenzo. The reason? A rejuvenated and revitalized feeling that was previously unmatched.

More than just a caffeine boost, Tenzo promises “clean caffeine to fuel your best life.” It comes loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that cater to myriad health benefits like radiant skin, a balanced gut, reinforced immunity, and more. The incorporation of l-theanine, a potent amino acid, ensures a serene experience, diminishing stress and anxiety levels.

Further cementing its quality, Tenzo matcha is sourced directly from a family in Kagoshima, Japan. This family, with a rich history of cultivating green tea in fertile, volcanic soil, boasts a legacy spanning over four centuries.

While the unmatched quality of Tenzo’s matcha is undeniable, the heart of the brand lies within its community. From the passionate home drinkers worldwide, relishing in the joys of clean green caffeine, to the Tenzo-affiliated coffee shops nationwide, and the co-branded partners spotlighting high-grade matcha in their products; they collectively form a close-knit community. This community thrives on the bond of Tenzo, a force driving both personal and collective growth.

Tenzo’s commitment extends beyond just quality matcha. They are staunch proponents of sustainability. Through thoughtful design, meticulous planning, and an unwavering commitment to evaluating their ecological footprint, Tenzo is dedicated to nurturing both their community and the environment. To further this mission, they’ve introduced a sustainable subscription program, encouraging patrons to acquire a reusable Tenzo Tin.

Embodying the “Better Every Day” philosophy, Tenzo believes the journey of self-improvement starts with that morning cup of matcha. However, the journey doesn’t culminate there. Tenzo beckons you to join them in a lifelong quest of knowledge and adaptability.

And for those ready to embark on this journey with Tenzo, here’s a golden opportunity: Use our 20% off Tenzo Tea Discount Code TENZOGF20 at checkout. Discover the future of caffeine today!


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