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Christian Guzman Reveals Alphalete Revenue And Talks Plans For Alphaland

Christian Guzman has revealed his fitness apparel label Alphalete has surpassed $100m in revenue.

Since first forming in 2015 the brand has gone from strength to strength, and now boasts an incredible roster of partners and sponsored athletes. Last year alone some 27m people visited the website.

However, despite its success, Guzman shared some surprising thoughts about his creation in his latest YouTube upload. 

He said: “We (Alphalete) broke $100m in revenue, we had over 27m people on the website last year, and everything is just continually climbing up, and up, and up. All that should bring me excitement and fulfilment, but the truth is my heart is just not there. 

It's Time to Move On...

“Honestly, it’s clear to me now what actually excites me, and where my passion truly lies.” 

In the video, Guzman paid a visit to Panatta – an Italian brand which designs and manufactures gym equipment – with a view to picking up some pieces for Alphaland. 

The influencer said he was like “a kid in a candy store”, and admitted it took him back to the roots of his love affair with working out.

He continued: “I had a gym before I had Alphalete. That’s how long I’ve been pursuing building this facility, trying to make it the best facility on paper, because we’re going to have everything you need. I’ve always just been so obsessed with it. 

alphalete revenue

“Today was a good reminder that I’ve known what I’ve wanted to do since I was literally 15 years old. When I signed up for my group training classes after high school, I knew that I wanted to own a facility, a gym…

“I never thought that I would be a clothing designer and never had any intention of doing that. My intention was always to train people and help people change their lives through health and fitness.”

“We’re going to continue building, and building, and building,” he added. “And I have no doubt that’s never going to stop… I know where my heart is, it ain’t going nowhere with Alphalete but it will always truly belong to the gym, and that’s where my passion is.”

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