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How to Beast’s guide to emotional unavailability

Being emotionally unavailable doesn’t sound like the most healthy thing in the world. But How to Beast believes there are specific benefits when you stop being the nice guy. Hit play to find out what they are. You should also…

Must break habits in 2024

If you’re looking to max out your potential in 2024, How to Beast recommends breaking these 13 habits. Hit play and see what they are. You should also explore his YouTube channel for more content.

Fake self improvement epidemic

How to Beast is breaking down some of the biggest self improvement scams out there. If you know him, you know he’s all about giving men healthy tips. Hit play to see what he has to say. You should also…

Best routines for growing calves – Sam Sulek

Sam hasn’t said these are the best exercises for growing your calves, but it’s very hard for us to argue with his results. Hit play on this video and see what he gets up to. You should also explore Sam’s…

Morning routine for a long life

You may not want to life to 120 like Bryan Johnson, but no doubt you’d like a long and fulfilling life. In this video, he shares the morning routine he sticks to while chasing is 120+ age goal. Check it…

How to train for longevity – Bryan Johnson

Is your training slowly degrading your joints? Or is it optimal for a long life? Watch this video to see what Bryan Johnson thinks. You should also explore Bryan’s YouTube channel for more content.

Sam Sulek’s go-to Legs Training routine

In this video, we see Sam’s go exercises for training legs. Following this probably won’t get you legs like Sam, but you’re sure to see some growth. Hit play and check it out. You should also explore Sam’s YouTube channel…

How to unf**k your life – Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson is known as the anti-aging guy, but he, like everyone else, had to undergo a massive transformation and aha! moment to get there. In this video, he shares what that journey looked like for him. You should also…

Try Bryan Johnson’s sleep routine

In this video, Bryan has paid people to sleep properly – in a way he believes can extend longevity. Hit play to see what that looks like, and how you can try it for yourself. You should also explore Bryan’s…

Sam Sulek’s back-day routine

Join Sam Sulek in his classic training/VLOG style videos as he takes us through his back day routine. Hit play and check it out. You should also explore Sam’s YouTube channel for more content.