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Blueface and ChriseanRock train at Zoo Culture

American bodybuilder, influencer and all-around funny man Bradley Martyn put Blueface and ChriseanRock through their paces at his new Zoo Culture gym

The musical artists, who are well-known for their turbulent relationship, tested their max bench press, deadlift and squat during a session at Martyn’s freshly-opened facility in Los Angeles. 

Blueface, who’s a Los Angeles resident himself, managed to pull an impressive 365lb – enough to earn himself applause from Martyn who was keenly spectating. 


After a quick belt adjustment and a lot of leg-shaking, he completed the rep while maintaining relatively solid form. His trembly knees did attract a few comments on social media, as they did from ChriseanRock, who put in some solid work following the recent news of her pregnancy. 

She benched 145lb and smashed a whopping 315lb deadlift, which is quite incredible considering her petite frame.

At the start of the vlog, Blueface revealed he used to play football at high school and was benching 185lb consistently. However, since he embarked on his music career he admitted he hadn’t been in a gym for around a year, but still set an ambitious goal of pushing 225lb. 

He fell just short at 205lb, finishing off the session by completing a questionable 225lb squat. Clearly, their visit to Zoo Culture was worth it!

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