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Beauty pie youthbomb

3 Reasons To Use Beauty Pie Youthbomb

The shorter days and colder temperatures leave us all feeling a bit, well, dreary. And it’s in the depths of winter that your skin loses its youthful bounce and you start to feel further away from your teens and early twenties than ever before. 

But fear not, Beauty Pie, the beauty industry’s best-kept secret, is here to save your skin. YOUTHBOMB, or the Biologic Collagen Peptide Cream, to give it its full name, has received rave reviews from hundreds of happy buyers, and here are 3 reasons why you should join them. 

The ‘First-Class’ Upgrade of Moisturising Creams

This cream hasn’t just been knocked together by just anyone, Beauty Pie has collaborated with world-renowned Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Andrew Markey, to bring you this ‘First-Class Upgrade’ of moisturising creams. But get ready – it’s intense! Use it for 60 days (in conjunction with the Super Retinol Serum and Vitamin C) and your face will look amazing.

Beauty pie youthbomb

Cutting Edge Ingredients

It’s not called a YOUTHBOMB for no reason, this formula is loaded with 18+% cutting-edge active ingredients, all chosen because they make skin look (and act) healthier, plumper, brighter, dewier, and younger. And who doesn’t want that?

Beauty Pie Youthbomb: Price

Like always with Beauty Pie, you’re getting the crème de la crème of moisturisers for well under the usual going rate. At $175 it’s definitely an affordable extravagance, especially when you consider that Beauty Pie is currently offering 50% off and free standard delivery on all orders over $50 when you use the code BEAUTY50. 

Don’t wait around for it to sell out, grab yours today

Pop over to the Beauty Pie website and use discount code BEAUTYPIE10 for an annual pass for $49.

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