Nebula Genomics Discount Code
Nebula Genomics Discount Code

Nebula Genomics Discount Code

$15 OFF


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Decode 100% of your DNA thanks to Nebula Genomics which uses Whole Genome sequencing to provide you with data to identify if you are predisposed to a specific condition or trait. Nebula Genome was founded by George Church in 2018 and offers a full genome sequencing service across its three products:

  1. Nebula Genomics Standard Whole Genome Sequencing: Get your basis ancestry report and detect common predispositions.
  2. Nebula Genomics Deep Whole Genome Sequencing: Detect rare genetic mutations and all predispositions and gain a deep ancestry report.
  3. Nebula Genomics Ultra Deep Whole Genome Sequencing: This ultra-deep ancestry report also detects all predispositions, and rare genetic mutations and is of the highest accuracy.

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