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WishGarden Herbs: From Grassroots Beginnings to Herbal Innovators

In the serene landscapes of the Ozarks, a chance encounter with a witch hazel plant in full bloom during a cold January walk forever changed the trajectory of Catherine Hunziker’s life. This seemingly insignificant moment would ignite a lifelong passion for medicinal plants and propel Catherine to the forefront of the herbal movement.

The Origins

WishGarden Herbs, a nationally celebrated herbal solutions company, has roots steeped in tradition, advocacy, and unwavering commitment to the natural world. Catherine Hunziker, the premier formulator and backbone of the brand, began her journey in the 70s, a time rife with activism. An environmentalist, supporter of women’s rights, and enthusiast of the midwifery resurgence, Catherine believed in reconnecting with the land.

Living a self-sufficient lifestyle, her curiosity was piqued by the beauty and resilience of a blooming witch hazel, amidst the chilling January air. This curiosity grew into a relentless pursuit of knowledge, learning from renowned herbalists such as Feather Jones and Michael Moore.

Shaping the Herbal Renaissance

Colorado would become a pivotal point in Catherine’s life. Here, she furthered her plant studies, embracing and co-teaching lessons on Southwestern bioregional herbs, ones that indigenous peoples held close for millennia. As a student of the Naropa Institute, she journeyed under the tutelage of local shamans to hallowed lands in Mexico, Scotland, Burkina Faso, and Zimbabwe.

As Boulder’s herbal community flourished, Catherine, along with her colleagues, established the Rocky Mountain Herbalist Coalition, propelling forward the discourse on ethical wild-crafting practices. Their relentless efforts paved the path for United Plant Savers, an organization championing herb sustainability.

Bridging the Gap

Observing the longing for natural health solutions during her tenure as a childbirth educator and herb vendor, Catherine felt the need to bridge the knowledge gap. Herbal remedies, despite their ancient roots, seemed radical to many.

Embodying the spirit of a seasoned activist, she pondered, “How can I introduce this to the mainstream?” With an understanding that true belief emerges from experience, she began crafting multi-herb liquid blends, designed for optimum results. Her solutions carried unique, condition-specific names, aiming to make Herbalism accessible to the wider public.

WishGarden Herbs Today

Today, WishGarden Herbs stands as a testament to Catherine’s vision and dedication. While the brand has evolved, its core values remain unchanged. They prioritize organic, sustainable sourcing, partnering with fair trade and family-owned farms. Nestled in picturesque Boulder, Colorado, their independent, FDA-regulated manufacturing facility continues to churn out revolutionary herbal solutions. And, at the heart of it all, Catherine remains the guiding light.

WishGarden Herbs Discount Code

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