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15% Off HidrateSpark Discount Code GF15

Revolutionize Your Hydration with HidrateSpark Pro Bottle: The Smartest Water Bottle in the World

In the pursuit of better hydration, HidrateSpark has launched its flagship product, the HidrateSpark PRO – the smartest water bottle in the world. Reinventing the way we drink water, the HidrateSpark PRO is much more than just a container for liquids. It boasts innovative features like glowing reminders, Bluetooth syncing, custom glow colors, and a “Find My Bottle” feature, all controlled through the HidrateSpark App.

Engineered for Excellence

HidrateSpark PRO has been crafted with superior materials, including stainless steel that is vacuum insulated to keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours. It also offers the durability of lightweight, shatterproof, and odor-resistant Tritan™ plastic. This meticulous design ensures pure water taste without compromising on style or functionality.

An LED smart sensor “puck” is integrated into the design. It glows to prompt you to drink water and is capable of tracking your water intake. This information is synced to the HidrateSpark App via Bluetooth. With three different sizes and two lid options available, you can make this intelligent water bottle distinctly yours.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Hydration

The HidrateSpark PRO doesn’t just hold your water; it helps you optimize your hydration. The bottle glows when it’s time to drink and connects to your phone via Bluetooth, keeping your daily hydration goals updated. Through the HidrateSpark App, users can also opt into fun notifications, compete in hydration challenges with friends, and even earn trophies for their collection.

Customizable Glows for Individual Styles

Take personalization a step further with the HidrateSpark PRO. You can customize the glow color, pattern, and frequency within the HidrateSpark App. Choose between six preset color combinations or let your creative juices flow with our GlowStudio function, enabling you to design your own color combinations.

Never Misplace Your Bottle

The HidrateSpark App also features a unique “Find My Bottle” function, making misplaced bottles a thing of the past. Simply open the app and easily locate your bottle at the last place it synced. This feature ensures your HidrateSpark PRO is always within reach, facilitating continuous hydration.

Reliable and User-friendly

The HidrateSpark PRO promises a clinically proven accuracy within 3% of manual readings, according to Mayo Clinic trials. This accuracy, coupled with features like a protective spout cover to keep out dirt and germs, makes it a reliable partner for hydration.

With convenience in mind, the carry loop design facilitates easy portability, and lids, as well as Tritan plastic bodies, are top-rack dishwasher safe. The sensor puck, however, needs to be removed first before cleaning and should only be wiped with a damp cloth. It is also essential to note that the steel bottle bodies are to be hand washed only, and hot liquids should not be used with this product.

For those always on the move, the bottle comes with a rechargeable battery and a fast charging cable.

Special Offer: GF15 Discount Code

Now is the perfect time to revolutionize your hydration habits. Take advantage of our special 15% off HidrateSpark Pro Discount Code GF15 at checkout and make the smartest water bottle in the world your new hydration partner.

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