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Matador Meggings Discount Code

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10% Off Matador Meggings Discount Code GYMFLUENCERS

Matador Meggings Transforms Men’s Athleisure Wear, Announces Limited-Time Discount

New York, July 19, 2023 – In an effort to redefine men’s athleisure, Matador Meggings announces a limited-time offer of a 10% discount using the code GYMFLUENCERS at checkout. The brand’s journey began with the realization of an overlooked market – men’s leggings. With the emergence of Matador Meggings, the men’s leggings scene is no longer an afterthought.

Matador Meggings, which draws inspiration from the first trendsetters in men’s leggings, the matadors, merges the balance of hyper-masculinity and the emotional finesse of the historical figures. The matadors required close-fitting pants that could allow speed and agility without compromising on aesthetics. This unique fusion of function and style reflects in every pair of Matador Meggings, ready for the modern man’s battles – whether in the gym, at a yoga class, or any festivity.

The signature design of these Meggings, represented by stripes spiralling around the legs, symbolizes the horns of a bull. It’s a homage to their matador inspirations and a subtle reminder of the brand’s unique blend of agility, strength, and style.

What sets Matador Meggings apart from other leggings? It’s the unique understanding of the male anatomy and the introduction of No-VPL Technology™. These high-performance meggings feature a soft molded crotch cup, eliminating the male version of camel toe and replacing it with a superhero appeal. Say goodbye to wearing shorts over your leggings!

The Meggings aren’t merely a style statement but serve a practical purpose with their open pocket for your phone, a zippered pocket for valuables, an inner drawstring for additional security, and a handy t-shirt/towel loop.

Matador Meggings have a broad appeal – fitness enthusiasts, yogis, CrossFitters, marathon runners, boxers, festival-goers, or trendsetters. They are designed for those who are passionate about their physique, well-being, music, crowd, and most importantly, fashion.

Here are the 5 Fs that encapsulate the ethos of Matador Meggings:

  1. Functional: Multiple pockets, No-VPL Technology™, a handy shirt/towel loop, an inner drawstring, and sweat-wicking performance fabric.
  2. Fun: Monthly release of new prints & colors to break the monotony of black.
  3. Fashionable: Suitable for the gym, parties, and festivals, making a bold fashion statement.
  4. Fierce: Boosts your confidence with its empowering design.
  5. F*ckable: Flaunts the right curves in the right places while leaving some to the imagination.

Matador Meggings extends beyond just leggings. Complement your look with sporty or casual tops, funky joggers, and practical accessories such as belt bags, chest bags, water bottles, and reflective belts.

With the use of the 10% discount code GYMFLUENCERS at checkout, Matador Meggings invites every man to experience this transformative athleisure wear designed with a purpose and a playful spirit.


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