$10 Off Health Products For You Discount Code
$10 Off Health Products For You Discount Code

$10 Off Health Products For You Discount Code

$10 Off


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Use our $10 off Health Products For You Discount Code GF10 at checkout when you spend $100 or more on their vast selection of health and wellness products.

In the heart of America, a dream was born. The entrepreneurial spirit of Naheed and Masarrat Quaisar laid the foundation of ‘Health Products For You’ in the basement of their home. With a modest team comprising mothers with young children, the startup embarked on a journey to redefine wellness and healthcare accessibility. As the co-founders recall, “With toddlers running around, 7 of us took turns at handling customer calls, packing orders and managing the website.” Today, after successfully completing 20 years, the company stands as a testament to the power of unwavering determination, a dedicated team, and loyal customers.

Vision: Accessible Health & Wellness For All

At ‘Health Products For You,’ the overarching vision is to make health & wellness accessible while making a significant difference in the lives of customers, team members, and the global community. The company harnesses the convenience of online ordering and home delivery to bring a wide range of healthcare and healthy living products to customers’ doorsteps. Keeping customers’ financial well-being in mind, the company maintains low costs and offers competitively priced products, driven by the belief that a healthy lifestyle should be affordable for everyone.

“Our firm belief is that life does not come to a full stop when you are diagnosed with medical ailments like Cancer, Colostomy, Stroke, COPD, Diabetes, Osteoporosis or Incontinence.” This statement encapsulates the company’s philosophy that everyone deserves a life full of adventure and travel, irrespective of age, geography, and ability.

Health Products For You caters to diverse healthcare needs through its extensive catalog of over 120,000 SKUs. The product team continually explores new products and solutions, reinforcing the company’s commitment to health and wellness as the cornerstone of well-being.

Commitment: Delivering Quality with Utmost Care

Based in Brookfield, CT, Health Products For You serves all 50 states, territories, and a significant number of countries worldwide through its global service partners. The company boasts robust logistics partnerships that ensure the shortest delivery time from warehouses across the country. Aiming to ship every order within 24 hours and delivering in two to three days in most cases, Health Products For You delivers quality products with utmost care and remarkable efficiency.

Community Engagement: Giving Back

As a premium online retailer of healthcare products, medical supplies, and home care medical equipment, Health Products For You understands the challenges posed by physical and mental disabilities for patients and caregivers alike. Deeply embedded in its community, the company believes in giving back, as demonstrated by its HPFY Scholarship and monthly Giving Day initiatives.

The HPFY Scholarship awards $1000 annually to two individuals who have overcome physical or mental challenges or have devoted significant time to community service. The monthly Giving Day initiative donates a portion of the company’s sales to a partner charity, contributing positively to various aspects of the community.

A Special Offer

To extend their commitment to affordability, Health Products For You offers a $10 off discount. Use the code GF10 at checkout to avail of this benefit. Health Products For You invites you to place your trust in them and embark on a journey towards affordable, accessible health and wellness.

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