10% Off Ascent Nutrition Discount Code
10% Off Ascent Nutrition Discount Code

10% Off Ascent Nutrition Discount Code

10% off


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10% Off Ascent Nutrition Discount Code GYMFLUENCERS

Our Ascent Nutrition discount code ‘GYMFLUENCERS’ will save you an awesome 10% off your order. Just take your pick of their premium supplements and then pop that code in at the online checkout to make the saving.


Ascent Nutrition is a wellness brand with a focus on growth mindset, always striving to challenge the norm and show you what’s possible with the right attitude and support.


The brand was created by Lance Schuttler, whose passion for research, brain health, neurogenesis, nutrition, and biohacking have led to the creation of a  range of supplements that support all aspects of health and wellbeing.


Our top pick from Ascent Nutrition is the Organic Sea Moss supplement. Made with a mix of organic sea moss, organic bladderwrack, and organic burdock, these capsules are packed with nutrients from the sea and the earth.


The Organic Sea Moss supplement works to support your immune system for overall wellness, gently boosting your energy levels and supporting heart health, endocrine function, and thyroid health. It’s also packed with nutrients that support healthy looking hair, skin, and nails. So it helps you feel great, and look great too!


We’re big fans of all the products in the Ascent Nutrition range though, from the Organic Lion’s Mane powder for memory and focus, to the Organic Maca Root capsules for healthy energy and endurance. So go take a look for yourself and remember to use our Ascent Nutrition discount code ‘GYMFLUENCERS’ when you place your order to save 10% off the price.

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