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Supergut Balancing Chocolate Shake

Why You Should Drink A Supergut Balancing Chocolate Shake Every Morning

A Supergut Balancing chocolate shake for breakfast is the dream for those of us with a sweet tooth, but it’s never really been the healthiest, most nutritious option.  Until now, that is. 

Supergut Balancing Chocolate Shake

Now you can turn that shake into a complete meal, full of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, when you make it a Supergut gut-balancing shake.

These Supergut shakes taste amazing and are super simple to make. Just blend a scoop of the powder with 12oz of water or milk and ice, and enjoy.

Each shake is packed with 20g of prebiotic fiber. 15g of high-quality protein, 26 vitamins and minerals, all for less than 190 calories. The gut-healing resistant starch fiber comes from unripened green bananas, and works to improve your gut health and stabilize blood sugar, while oat beta glucan helps to keep your blood sugar levels in check and strengthen your gut.

Supergut chocolate shakes are made with 100% natural ingredients and are keto-friendly, soy-free, and practically sugar-free.

When you start drinking one of these shakes every morning you’ll start to feel the benefits within days. You’ll feel full and satisfied, your blood sugar levels will stabilize, and you’ll notice a boost in your energy levels. 

Within a few weeks you’ll start to sleep better, your overall mood will improve, and your gut health will be hugely improved. And the benefits keep piling up when you keep drinking the shakes consistently over a few months, as you reboot your metabolism and strengthen your gut microbiome.

Supergut Balancing Chocolate Shake Price & Discount Code

With all those benefits, you really should start your day with a delicious Supergut chocolate shake. And to make getting your shake in super easy, you can subscribe and save and get your shake delivered to your door every 4 weeks for just $99. What’s even better is that you can use our Supergut Discount Code GF15 to save 15% off all online orders Here.

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