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Kiss my keto bars

Why We Love The Kiss My Keto Bars

January is the perfect month for fresh starts and new challenges. That’s why I’m willing to wager a good portion of you reading this article are reevaluating what you eat and how you eat it, and more importantly, considering finding Kiss my keto bars or other healthy products.

Or maybe you’re not that far along. Maybe you’re just trying your hand at the Ketogenic diet for the first time. If you’re new to the Keto diet you’ve probably only heard it referenced in corny American films and TV programs. The stereotypical image-conscious Angelino clutching a chihuahua while publicly denouncing carbs – something like that?

If that’s the case, let me walk you through the basics, and tell you why Kiss My Keto bars will make the switch a doddle. The Ketogenic ‘Keto’ diet is high in good fats, moderate in protein, and low in sugars and carbohydrates. 

There are, however, different types of Keto diets you can follow, so it’s definitely not just a one size fits all plan or something that’s exclusively for women after the supermodel frame, as scriptwriters might have you believe.

Kiss my keto bars

Foods that are generally considered ‘Keto-friendly’ in moderation are fish, such as salmon, non-starchy vegetables, cheese, eggs, fresh meat and poultry, oils such as coconut and olive oil, nuts and seeds, and plain greek yoghurt. 

Following a Keto diet helps your body enter a state called Ketosis, where it will begin to use up fat as an energy source. 

In the liver, fat is turned into Ketones, an energy supply for the brain. As a result of Ketosis, blood sugar and insulin levels are significantly reduced.

But there are a few very common errors people make when maintaining a Keto lifestyle. For example, eating high levels of saturated fats is a less healthy approach to following a Keto diet. However, a healthier approach would be consuming ‘good fats’.

Eating more fat than you burn off through Ketosis can result in the body storing fat too, so it’s important that you get the balance right. And that’s why Kiss My Keto’s deliciously balanced bars are your new best friends. 

Kiss My Keto Bars

Kiss my keto bars

Packed full of goodness, Kiss My Keto Bars come in four irresistible flavours: Pumpkin Seeds & Sea Salt, Dark Original, Roasted Almonds and Toasted Hazelnut. 

They’re absolutely free from cane sugar, refined or added sugar and contain nothing artificial like preservatives or funny sweeteners. So, how do they taste so good if they don’t use any of the naughty stuff that our body craves?

Kiss My Keto uses clever, all-natural alternatives to keep your taste buds tingling and your insides happy. 

Take Erythritol, for example. The gold standard for Keto-friendly sugar substitutes – Erythritol is your secret weapon for unlocking maximum sweetness without the blood glucose spikes. 

Another cheat code, Monk Fruit Extract is 200 times sweeter than regular sugar and delivers a deliciously yummy taste that’s almost too good to be true.

Rounding off the formulas are the low-calorie, Keto-friendly fibre, Inulin, that feeds your good gut bacteria, helps calm hunger cravings, and helps regulate blood sugar for a smooth and easy Keto experience, and super-fats MCTs, which keep your engines revving at full speed. 

Of course, there is also plenty of nuts and seeds in there for good measure!

The Macros 

Now we’ve taken a look at what goes into making Kiss My Keto Bars, let’s see how the macros stack up. One 28g serving of the Dark Chocolate Bar returns 11g of fat, 1g of net carbs (14g in total), 8g of dietary fibre and 2g of protein. Not bad for just 120 calories!

How Much Are Kiss My Keto Bars?

Kiss my keto bars

A one-time purchase of 4 bars will cost you $19.99, but if you subscribe you’ll an extra 10%. If you want to ditch your high-sugar and nutritionally void chocolate bar for the stock cupboard essential then head to Kiss My Keto’s website and grab yourself a box today! You can get an extra 20% off your order if you use discount code GYMFLUENCERS.

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