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Alphalete shorts

Why We Love Alphalete Shorts

By now, you must have heard of Alphalete shorts and how good they are supposed to be. I mean, they have to be, after all the branding controversy surrounding them.

But there’s still one question that needs to be answered. Are they any good???

We believe they are, after testing a number of pairs. Here’s why we love and recommend the Alphalete shorts.

1. They don’t ride up

Alphalete shorts

Alphalete shorts don’t ride up in any of the ways we hate – getting up in your crotch area and making it difficult to walk comfortably. They will move up a bit on the thighs, but it’s honestly barely noticeable.

2. Excellent squat support

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One of the biggest things you have to worry about with shorts and workout clothes, in general, is how they handle your squats and lunges. The last thing you want is shorts that rip in the middle of your squat PR.

The excellent thing about these Alphalete shorts that we’ve found is that they are comfortable and stretchy. They handled all the range of motion we could throw at them, and that deserves some respect.

3. Butt support

We only really need one other thing from gym clothes – they need to make the ass look good. And guess what? The Alphalete shorts go over and above for these. Your self-confidence will double after putting on a pair of these, as ours did.

You need to head over to the Alphalete website right now and get your own pair. You can even get 10% off your purchase by using the discount code ALPHALETE10.

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