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Why Glutathione Rapid Boost™+ from RobKellerMD Is The Only Energy Drink You Need

If you ask any top athlete what the key to success is, I’d wager a good amount of money that they’d say consistency. 

But consistency is difficult to achieve when, unlike full-time athletes, you’ve got a job, a family, and a social life to juggle at the same time. 

All of those things slowly sip away at your energy reserves, and that’s why when it comes to mustering the enthusiasm to train, you need a little helper in the way of an energy drink. 

Today, we’ll be taking a look at RobKellerMD’s Glutathione Rapid Boost™+, and going over a few reasons why we think it could become your new gym buddy. But real quick, you should know that new customers can get 20% off their order using discount code GF20.

So, that’s enough preamble, let’s dive straight into it. 

RobKellerMD GRB™+

Unlike most energy drinks, GRB™+ is a caffeine-free natural supplement drink that boosts glutathione and nitric oxide production to increase oxygen and deliver essential nutrients to every cell in your body.

Now, there’s a lot to unpack there, but the obvious place to start is by answering one key question: Why would an energy drink be caffeine-free?

Caffeine shouldn’t be demonized in moderate doses, but most energy drinks contain a huge hit that, when taken frequently alongside other sources such as coffee, can have some pretty harmful side effects. 

Consuming caffeine triggers certain brain chemicals in a similar way to drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines. While they are obviously worlds apart, people can quickly develop a dependence which could also lead to issues with sleep, blood pressure, fatigue, muscle breakdown and much more. 

You don’t have to look long at the label to see RobKellerMD’s GRB™+ takes a much more natural approach to boost your energy levels. 

The formula includes a Vitamin B complex of B3, B6, and B12 to improve energy, brain function and cell metabolism, L-Citrulline, which is a natural nitric oxide precursor that supports physical and mental performance, and L-theanine, a compound that occurs naturally in green tea and black tea and can support mental focus and sleep quality. 

Plus, Theobromine, another naturally occurring compound found in dark chocolate, has been tossed into the mix for its energizing effect. 

Here’s where GRB™+ gets even more impressive, however. While its primary function is to perk you up, it has far more than that going on. 

The addition of N-Aceytl Cysteine (NAC) increases glutathione, your body’s master antioxidant. Put simply, without glutathione, every cell in your body would die prematurely from its own waste products. It’s a super antioxidant and antitoxin that boosts your immune system, promotes anti-aging and improves cellular function. 

In contrast to other antioxidant proteins such as SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) or Catalase, Glutathione is a unique tripeptide that aids in the neutralization of many different types of free radicals produced within the cell.

So, aside from the obvious function of an energy drink, you’ll also experience benefits such as cell protection, advanced endurance, shortened recovery time and a more combative immune system. 

The RobKellerMD Review 

robkellermd glutathione rapid boost

Now, we’ve talked a lot about the science, so I’m going to start the review by bringing it back to basics and discussing something we haven’t yet touched on – the flavor. 

The sachets – of which there are 15 in every pouch – are fruit punch flavored. And boy did they deliver a punch. Easy to mix and sweetened with stevia and natural fruit flavors, it made a refreshing chance to try an energy drink that didn’t leave a synthetic coating in my mouth. 

Plus, at just 4 calories per serving, it tasted all the sweeter. There’s not much else to say aside from that it was totally refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable. 

As for the performance, I got exactly what I expected – a prompt, clean rush of energy without the fear of an impending sugar or caffeine crash. My heart wasn’t thumping out of my chest and I had total focus and clarity of thought. Another huge thumbs up on that front. 

The Cost of Clean Energy 

robkeller md

If you’re thinking of grabbing yourself a pouch, which you should be, then you’ve got 3 options. You can place a single order for $29.95, sign up for a monthly subscription at $24.95, or lock yourself in for a quarterly subscription at $74.85.

My brain works in mysterious ways, and for some reason, I’d rather space out the payments and end up paying more rather than save myself some cash by parting with a lump sum. If that sounds like an accurate description of you, then it’s time to snap out of that thought process and just do it. You know it makes sense in the long run. 

To start fuelling your body with the right stuff, click visit the RoBKellerMD website to shop RobKellerMD GRB™+. Don’t forget to use discount code GF20 for 20% off as a new customer.

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