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why influencers fail

Why Fitness Influencers Fail

Joining Andrew Schulz on Flagrant, Logan Paul gives his opinion on why influencers fail. According to the professional boxer and wrestler Logan Paul, social media is overly saturated with people primarily attracted to negativity. He believes people only watch negative videos, enjoying seeing others fall apart.

Adding to what Logan said, Andrew stated that many famous YouTubers started well but sadly abandoned their craft because they had gotten addicted to attention. They join other creators to make negative videos just for views because that’s what social media thrives on. The result may be more views, but in the end, they deviate from the artistic part for likes and views.

Logan Paul & Andrew Schulz on Why Influencers FAIL

He also believes it’s important for influencers to find their art and lean into it. Andrew believes influencers will only succeed if they are consistent on the artistic path rather than be addicted to the attention. Once influencers focus too much on engagement, their lives become miserable, making them see new ways to get that attention.

When asked if he feels better getting more attention for his art rather than a blog he puts out, Logan immediately agreed getting recognized for his art made him feel good. According to him, his art is everything to him, and he’s put all he is into it.

While it’s hard to stop people from being attracted to negativity, Andrew believes influencers should dedicate themselves more to honing their craft than going the route of negativity to gain attention. He also added that if they must tow that part, the least they could do is execute it well.

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