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What Is Autophagy & How Verso Clean Being Can Help?

Autophagy is how the body naturally cleanses and rids itself of damaged cells. This allows the body to generate healthier cells. Verso Clean Being helps your body to identify and remove damaged or unnecessary cells thereby aiding cellular repair and cleaning.

Great, right? Hold on, there’s more!

When you use our Verso discount code GF15, you get the products for 15% off! If you’ve made it this far, odds are that you want to know more about Autophagy and Verso Clean Being. Well, read on!

Why is Autophagy So Beneficial?

One of the main reasons Autophagy is beneficial is that it helps to slow down the ageing process. By creating newer, younger cells, autophagy helps to enhance our lifespan.

Also, autophagy helps the body conserve energy and keep it going by breaking down cellular material for necessary processes.

Other health benefits of autophagy include combating neurodegenerative diseases by removing toxic proteins from cells, recycling residual proteins, providing energy, and aiding regeneration. With the right quality products like Verso Clean Being, this process becomes more recurrent, healthier, and lasts longer.

Let’s Talk About Verso

Verso was founded as the trusted supplement brand for producing and storing nicotinamide mononucleotide or NMN supplements safely for buying or consuming. Verso addresses consumers’ concerns about a brand that warehouses the supplements correctly in cold storage. Verso is also very transparent about purity and concentration, which has been verified with third-party testing

Verso manufactures in only the best products, backed by science, with facilities tested along the way for purity and concentration. Its large client base trusts them for its obsession with due process and acceptable standards during manufacturing.

Verso also has its own refrigerated storage at its dedicated fulfilment warehouse to store its product properly to prevent molecule degradation, which can nullify the health benefits of its products. Verso’s products are manufactured in compliant and FDA-registered facilities in the US.

Verso’s product lines include Verso Cell Being, an MN, Resveratrol and TMG supplement that supports cellular energy, thereby aiding in DNA repair and maintaining metabolic homeostasis. Each capsule contains 250mg of NMN, 250mg of Trans-Resveratrol and 140mg of TMG. Each capsule can be taken with your first meal, containing moderate, healthy fats, or as your doctor advises. 

The other product is Verso Clean Being, which is a powerful supplement that helps to promote natural clean-up processes like autophagy and apoptosis

How Verso Clean Being Promotes Autophagy

Verso Clean Being helps your body maintain its healthy cells and promotes continuous autophagy in the body to combat neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, and infectious diseases

Verso Clean Being products also aid in the proper regulation of autophagy to prevent oxidative stress, which can lead to cellular damage and dysfunction. Its natural ingredients help support healthy ageing, maximise our cellular health, prevent diseases which impair cells, and much more.

What’s in Verso Clean Being?

The main ingredients are Spermidine, Dihydroquercetin, and Luteolin. The wonderful thing about them is that they are naturally occurring proteins and have numerous beneficial attributes.

  • Spermidine helps cells survive, and function longer and also supports cellular growth and DNA health
  • Luteolin also aids in cell longevity benefits, anti-inflammation and is a good antioxidant
  • Dihydroquercetin plays a crucial role in cell regeneration, repair and growth

How to take Verso Clean Being 

You can take Verso Clean Being with or without a meal. You can take it while having your favourite drink, with coffee, or during meals at any time of the day. It is recommended you take it once in the morning, and once in the evening. 

A single packet of Verso Clean Being costs just $60.00, and you can also pay in 4 interest-free instalments of $15.00 at checkout. Each capsule contains 6mg of Spermidine, 250mg of Luteolin, and 50mg of Dihydroquercetin. 

You can also get 15% off if you use the discount code GF15 during checkout. Sounds exciting right? Don’t waste any further time. Visit the Verso website to begin your autophagy journey

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