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The Ultimate Recovery Supplement: Slumber Pain Relief Stick

Sleep plays a vital role in healing our aches and pains. While we’re in the land of nod our bodies are still working overtime to mend the bumps and strains we’ve picked up throughout the day. 

But what if those injuries are the very things keeping us awake? Well, in short, that’s not good news. 

Not only does it slow the healing process, but if we’re deprived of sleep our pain threshold lowers, making the whole experience even more unbearable than before. 

And so continues the vicious cycle of needing sleep to heal but waking up every time we accidentally bump into the bedpost. 

Thanks to the Relief Stick from Slumber Sleep Aid, that cycle ends today. 

We took a closer look at the unique roll-up that has earned itself high praise from sleep-deprived shoppers, and here’s what we thought. 

Before we go any further, it’s probably worth mentioning that you can get 20% off by using slumber discount code ‘GYMFLUENCER’ at the checkout. 

The Ultimate Recovery Aid

Slumber Pain Relief Stick

Unlike other pain relief products which only use CBD, the Relief Stick utilises the healing powers of both CBD and CBN. 

While I’ve not doubt many of you are already familiar with CBD, I’d be willing to wager that not as many of you will have heard of CBN. And no, the American news channel doesn’t count. 

CBN is essentially a less potent version of THC, which is the main psychoactive compound in marijuana. 

As THC ages and breaks down it forms CBN, a much weaker cannabinoid that boasts a range of impressive utilities. Studies suggest it has sedative properties and can be used as an effective sleep aid to relieve conditions such as insomnia. 

CBN has also been shown to alleviate muscle and joint pain, with research revealing it is most effective when used together with CBD. 

The Relief Stick combines 780mg of CBD and 260mg of CBN with the warming and cooling sensation of menthol to give you topical relief that’s great for nighttime recovery.

Don’t worry, there’s absolutely no THC in the roll-on, so you aren’t going to start having whacky dreams or waking up in the middle of the night to raid the fridge.

Other ingredients include Coconut Oil, Shea and Argan, which are all great for your skin, so that’s another huge plus. 

Science-Backed Results 

Slumber Pain Relief Stick

It’s all well and good waxing lyrical about a product, but what everyone wants to know is does it really work? Well, the results suggest it does. 

In an independent third-party study, 82% of people said the Relief Stick helped them stay asleep, while 80% said it was easier to fall back asleep after they were woken up by aches and pains. 

A further 70% said the Relief Stick performed better than any other sleep aid they had ever tried. Slumber is so confident in the Relief Stick’s ability to ensure a good night’s sleep that it even offers a 30-day guarantee.

How To Use It 

Applying the relief stick couldn’t be easier. Simply rub it on the areas keeping you awake at night for localised pain relief. No mess, no tablets, no fuss. 

What We Thought 

Having played football, or soccer, all my adult life I’m no stranger to lathering my legs with ointments and pain relief creams. 

Usually, however, they come with a pretty foul odour. So, the first thing that struck me with the Relief Stick was the soothing aroma of menthol. I already felt more relaxed just from smelling it. 

Because I play in defence I’ve almost always got some sort of bump or bruise from flinging myself into tackles. My latest war wound is a pretty bad dead quad which has been stiffening up in the night and keeping me awake. 

I’ve been generously applying the relief stick to the general area for a couple of days now and not only am I sleeping like a baby, but it seems to be helping with the inflammation.

Plus, it feels great on my skin and doesn’t get any mess on the duvet. It’s safe to say I’m thoroughly impressed by this product, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to step out of the dark ages of Deep Heat.

If you’re looking to get your sleeping pattern back on track then head to Slumber’s website and use our code ‘GYMFLUENCER’ for 20% off. 

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