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FBF Hammer Massage Gun

The Ultimate Fitness Tool You Need To Own: FBF Hammer Massage Gun

As much as many of us wouldn’t like to admit it, as we get older, training at high intensity starts to take its toll on our bodies. 

I mean, how many times have you smashed a workout and felt completely untouchable, only to wake up the next morning with all the mobility of the Tin Man? 

Or better still, randomly discovered a muscle strain, ache or pain which you haven’t a clue what caused it? Perhaps I’m showing my age a little. 

But seriously, we all have a duty to look after our bodies and treat the recovery process as seriously as our workouts. 

Whether you’re looking to help relax your muscles after a tough run, nurse a muscle strain through a soccer match or simply keep yourself ticking over, massage guns can be a really helpful bit of kit. 

FBF Hammer Massage Gun

With that in mind, we have personally tested the Fit Body Factory Hammer Massage Gun – and here are our thoughts. 

FBF Hammer Massage Gun

Before we take a deep dive into what we thought of the product, first, let’s take a look at how it all actually works. Massage guns are electronic devices which can relieve pain and increase blood circulation. They do this by producing vibrations that are applied to the skin with the help of a massage gun head. The FBF Hammer Massage Gun is the most powerful muscle recovery tool that functions with a deep tissue pulsating action, making it ideal for chipping away at persistent sores or stress.

FBF Hammer Massage Gun

The Best Bits

The FBF Hammer Massage Gun has a tonne of great features which help set it apart from most other comparable products on the market. It’s a super quiet piece of kit which is always a bonus, especially if you’re using it over a prolonged period of time in a public setting. I’m sure you don’t want to be that person in the locker room drowning out the coach with an annoying persistent humming sound as you set to work on your legs.

What’s more, the percussive gun is powered up with a 2,600 maH battery that helps it operate at 15-speed settings to provide up to 3000 percussions per minute. A variety of heads are also provided, so you can pick which one feels most suitable for your particular pain. 

FBF Hammer Massage Gun Review

I’m fairly new to massage guns, so it took me a while not to feel silly drilling into my muscles at the end of each session in the gym. But once I got over myself, I absolutely loved it. The flexibility of the product was great – it felt just as soothing on my lower back as it did on my quads. The variety of heads was also a huge plus in that regard. 

FBF Hammer Massage Gun

In terms of convenience, there was no problem fitting it in my gym bag, and unless you were in a completely silent room you’d barely know it was on. The battery life was great, and it left me feeling really nice and loose after use. 


The product costs $199.99, which I’ll admit does sound like a significant investment. But, if you compare that to how much you’d spend on sports massages to get yourself right, there really is no contest. To buy yours today, visit the Fit Body Factory website.

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