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The Larry Wheels Bicep Workout You Shouldn’t Try 

Larry Wheels is probably best known for his spine-bending deadlifts and glute-busting squats, but one thing’s for sure, he certainly doesn’t skip arm day. 

The American powerhouse dropped a brutal 10-minute non-stop bicep workout video with acrobatics expert and real-life Tarzan, Jujimufu

Heading into the challenge, both men admitted they had previously suffered a torn left bicep. So naturally, they grabbed themselves two sets of 45lb dumbbells for a gruelling session of hammer curls. 

“Why are we doing this? For your entertainment,” joked Larry. 

“I’ve never done 10 minutes straight of anything. If anything my rest period is 10 minutes long, so this is quite different.”

Larry made it to 21 reps before having to place the dumbbells on his lap for a quick break, while Jujimufu quickly crammed in some shrugs to give his biceps a rest. 

10-Minute Non-Stop Biceps Workout with Jujimufu and Larry Wheels + Arm Wrestling!

“It’s going to start getting hard getting it onto the knees,” Larry added. 

“If anyone is having trouble building that bicep vein, this is what does it guys,” Jujimufu replied. 

As the 10-second countdown commenced both men mustered the strength to smash out a few last reps. Larry took the win, managing an admirable 148 reps to Jujimufu’s 111. 

While the pump was on they decided to finish the workout with a few rounds of arm wrestling. Once again, Larry took the win, besting Jujimufu multiple times to complete a satisfying day’s work. 

To finish the video the giant duo measured each other’s biceps. Larry’s came in at more than 19 inches, while Jujimufu’s were 18 on the dot. 

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