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training mask holiday deals

Save Big With The TrainingMask Holiday Deals

So, it’s January, and you’ve already been training for a while so there’s no need to spend all your money on signing up for the gym, but you do want to realign your goals for the New Year and up your game. 

If that’s the case, then it’s the perfect time to take advantage of TrainingMask’s holiday deals. The TrainingMask is a tool that is designed to improve your conditioning, strength, and power, and will turn you into an absolute beast. 

It is designed to bring performance breathing to your training, and clever technology allows you to increase or decrease the load on your breathing muscles based on the demands of your workout in real-time. 

There’s a fine line between those who are in shape and those who are athletes, and TrainingMask will allow you to cross that threshold and then some.

Sound good? If so, we’ve picked out 2 of our favourites from a whole heap of amazing pickups. 

TrainingMask 3.0 Essential Kit

training mask essentials kit

The TrainingMask 3.0 Essential Kit does exactly what it says on the tin, providing you with all the tools you’ll need to become a brand-new machine. For just $69 you’ll get a training mask, spray cleaner and a carry case. The mask itself has 6 levels of graded resistance and comes complete with a sealed fit for the best functional breathing. Plus, considering it was formerly priced at $110, you’ll be getting an absolute steal. Grab yours today!

3-Pack Sleeve Training Mask 2.0

training mask bundle

If you’re going to train like a badass then you might as well look like one too. This 2.0 Sleeve Bundle gives you the ability to fully customise your style. Simply peel off the original sleeve and replace it with the new sleeve to complete your look! Secure yours now for only $49. 

For plenty more bargains, head to TrainingMask’s website. You can use discount code GF20 for unique discounts, too! 

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