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Apothekary Black Friday Sale

Save 25% In The Apothekary Black Friday Sale

We love a good Black Friday sale here at Gymfluencers and when we saw the Apothekary Black Friday Sale 2022 announcement we perked up and our wallets breathed a sigh of relief!


If you are new to this incredible health brand then a quick overview is that they create products to help you in the areas that you need it the most. Creating products to help with sleep, skin, energy, immunity, stress, and more it’s the relaxing drink blend that you need at any time of the day. They can even help you cure hangovers forever with the incredible Stop Your Wine-ing alcohol replacement mix.

Apothekary Black Friday Sale

We like a good deal and you can save up to 25% across the entire Apothekary range! The Black Friday offer is:

  1. Save 10% on all orders over $50
  2. Save 15% on all orders over $100
  3. Save 20% off all orders over $150
  4. Save 25% off all orders over $200

Shop the sale online Here.

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