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Save 15% Off All Supergut Orders

Save 15% Off All Supergut Orders

Gut health is often overlooked but of vital importance to ensure healthy digestion and keeping your body properly balanced. While too much starch in a diet is typically frowned upon, resistant starch is good starch that is crucial for boosting your overall gut health and producing good bacteria in the large intestine. 

Save 15% On All Supergut Orders

Adding resistant starch to your diet is easier than ever now thanks to Supergut’s shakes. Tested in clinical trials, their resistant starch fiber blends can be added to any drink or food to promote gut health and boost metabolism for a faster breakdown.

Save 15% On All Supergut Orders

Supergut builds its formula from resistant starch-rich ingredients such as unripened green bananas, potato starch, oat beta glucan, and soluble vegetable fiber that work together to strengthen the gut naturally.

Looking to test it out for yourself? Get 15% off your first Supergut order with code GF15 on their website.

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