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reVITAlize With The Wellness Collections’ Daily Essentials + Immunity Supplement

Ahh, flu season. Here it is in all its glory, just in time for Christmas! But there is hope yet, my friends. The Wellness Collection is here to save the holiday season with their Daily Essentials + Immunity Supplement, to have you feeling healthy and energised enough to rock around that Christmas tree until your heart’s content.

What is Wellness Collection?

Wellness Collection™ was created by Cassie Sobelton, an author and health and wellness expert who had only honest, clean health products in mind. Wellness Collection place your mind, body and spirit wellbeing at the forefront of their product development, and want to help their customers make easy health choices in their lives. All of their products use only the highest quality and most natural agreements possible, and they aim to support all areas of your health and wellbeing in an uncomplicated manner, to ensure that self-care and wellbeing fits effortlessly into our busy lifestyles.

What is the Daily Essentials + Immunity Supplement?

Wellness Collection’s Daily Essentials + Immunity is a dietary supplement containing all-natural micronutrients, vitamins and minerals to give you a sustained feeling of wellbeing day after day. It is an anti-oxidant powder which you mix with water and drink. It is also vegan and completely free from soy, yeast, gluten, artificial flavors, starch, salt and preservatives, as well as being allergen friendly. It’s science-driven formula uses orange and lemon oils with naturally derived compounds to give it a delicious mixed fruit flavour whilst keeping the product completely natural. In short it is packed with goodness, it is natural, honest and clean, and it also makes you feel incredible!

Why is the Daily Essentials + Immunity Supplement so great?

revitalize by the wellness collective

As written on their website, Wellness Collection’s Daily Essentials + Immunity Supplement has the following benefits:

·         Increases energy levels and vitality

·         Supports a strong immune system and helps to strengthen the body’s natural defense (perfect for fighting off flu season and all the other illnesses that winter brings!)

·         Helps to balance the body’s natural inflammatory response

·         Boosts mood and helps you stay healthy in times of stress

·         Protective gut health function

·         Promotes healthy cardiovascular system

Combined, these benefits will give you a sustained feeling of wellbeing. It’s no surprise that this supplement can achieve all of the above when one serving of Daily Essentials + Immunity contains 100% of your daily value of vitamins A, C, D, E and B12, as well as over 50% of your daily calcium and zinc (52% and 55% respectively). That’s not even including all of the other key micronutrients and minerals that are packed into each serving.

monthly subscription from revitalize

Another bonus is that it is a liquid formula, making it easy to absorb and perfect for those who have digestive problems or dislike swallowing pills. The easy digestion means it is more gentle on the stomach, which I particularly appreciated as I so often feel nauseous after taking multivitamin pills. A review on Wellness Collection’s website also says, “I’ve been taking a multivitamin for years and until recently it began upsetting my stomach. I switched to the wellness collections and have found not only does reVITAlize agree with my stomach, I have new found energy. My skin – amazing! This is exactly what I needed, to continue my health and wellness journey.”

How to order

Purchase Wellness Collection’s Daily Essential + Immunity supplement from the Wellness Collection website. A one-month supply is $90, which I’ll admit does sound a little pricey but I really do think it is worth it for the number of vitamins and nutrients that are packed into its formula, and for the energy and feeling of wellbeing you will gain. You can buy a 3 or 6 month supply which will work out cheaper overall. Whilst there, why not check out Wellness Collection’s CBD collection too!

Remember to use discount code GF20 on checkout for 20% off your order on The Wellness Collections‘ website.

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