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breakdown of dana white's health problems

Revealed: Dana White’s Health Problems & How He Solved Them

While Dana White, the President of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and American businessman, is a familiar name, what many might not know is his personal battle with health challenges. Despite the image of strength and power associated with the UFC, Dana White has faced his own struggles behind the scenes.

Recently, Dana revealed in a YouTube video how bad his health problems were and how he was able to overcome them. According to him, he has been talking to different doctors for ten years, and none of them could fix his problem before he eventually found a solution.

Dana White’s Health Journey

Dana tagged his health journey revelation “The secret to Dana White’s body transformation—Superhuman protocol.” In the YouTube video, he mentioned that June 2024 will make it two years since he started his health journey.

He had sleep apnea and had problems with his legs. He even had other health issues his doctors couldn’t particularly diagnose him. His friend Kerrie Kasem eventually introduced him to Doctor Gary Brecka, a human Biologist. Although Dana wasn’t sure Gary would be any better than the previous Doctors he had met, he decided to give it a try.

He was impressed when Gary did his blood test; the result was alarming. However, Gary promised to change his whole life within 12 weeks. Surprisingly, the changes didn’t even take up to 12 weeks. A few weeks after the tests, he began seeing significant health changes. He started sleeping better and feeling more energetic.

“I feel like I’m 25 again” - Dana White’s $120,000 Health Protocol

Dana White’s Superhuman Protocol

After getting positive results not even up to 12 weeks after the tests, Dana has been following Dr Gary’s superhuman protocol health program. According to Dana, there are four different components to the superhuman protocol. Cold plunging, Red-light therapy, the pulse electromagnetic field (PEMF), and oxygen therapy.

  • The Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF): Dana places the PEMF on his bed both at home and at the office and sleeps on it to rejuvenate his body. Dr Gary said the PEMF mimics the earth’s magnetism and improves the process where cells exchange energy.
  • Cold Plunging: This works by indirectly affecting insulin levels. It can be mentally challenging at the initial stage, but with time, it gets better. It releases dopamine and endorphins in the body and also helps to burn calories. Dana does it at 50 degrees Fahrenheit for three minutes.
  • Oxygen Therapy: After the cold plunge, Dana undergoes oxygen therapy under Dr Gary’s supervision and with an EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) machine. The machine has a 900-litre bag comprising 93-95% oxygen. However, this therapy should be done briefly to prevent the body from adapting to the oxygen. 
  • Red-light Therapy: Dana undergoes 20 minutes of red-light therapy after oxygen therapy. According to Dr. Gary, red-light therapy reduces inflammation, empowers the mitochondria, develops more vibrant skin, and improves eyesight and collagen.

Thanks to the Superhuman Protocol, Dana has experienced a tremendous turnaround in his health and he believes it can only get better. In the YouTube video, Dr. Gary however admitted that it may be difficult for people like Dana who don’t have access to premium gym equipment due to lack of finances. Regardless of your lack of finances, as an alternative, he suggested that you join any gym and follow his program.

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