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Mr America All-American Sports Fest

Everything To Know About the Upcoming Mr America All-American Sports Festival

If you’re a fitness enthusiast in the US, one event you never want to miss is the Mr America All-American Sports Fest. Clear your calendars from the 11th to 13th of October 2024, as the biggest sports fest in America is taking place! 

Held during Columbus Day Weekend in Atlantic City, New Jersey, this three-day event is sure to transform your fitness journey. From interactive workshops to insightful fitness trends, catering to all ages and fitness levels, the Mr. America event is one of the most anticipated fitness events in the United States, and for good reason.

Wondering what’s new on the event schedule? Keep reading.

What Should I Expect at the Mr America Sports Fest?

Mr America All-American Sports Fest: poster

Looking to be inspired? The Mr America Sports fest is the ultimate destination for three days of motivation and excitement. Things can get really intimidating at the event but hey, don’t fret. if you’re just kickstarting your fitness journey, every event should spur you to do better. 

Here’s a breakdown of the events to expect at Mr America Sports Fest

Fitness Expo

The Mr America fitness expo opens your eyes to the latest in sports equipment, nutrition, and wellness. There, you’ll interact with industry experts, discover innovative products, and gain valuable insights. So if you want to take your fitness journey to the next level, don’t miss the fitness expo.

Interactive Workshops

If you’re a novice in the fitness industry, come and rub minds with professionals at the Mr America interactive workshops. These workshops will help you learn from fitness professionals, expand your knowledge, and discover new ways to achieve your fitness goals.

Mr. America Bodybuilding Contest

Mr America All-American Sports Fest registrations open

This has to be the highlight of the Mr America All-American Sports Fest where you get to witness physique perfection at its finest. From Bikini to Pro Bodybuilding, athletes showcase their dedication and discipline in a display of physical prowess.

Here are the divisions to look out for,

  • Ms. Bikini America
  • Ms. Wellness America
  • Ms. Figure America
  • Ms. Classic Figure
  • Mr. Physique America
  • Mr Classic Bodybuilding America
  • Mr. America
  • Junior Mr/Ms. America (amateur contest) 
Mr America All-American Sports Fest: strength competitions

Strength Sports

Ready to be wowed? Come and witness athletes push their limits and redefine human potential in the various categories

  • All-American Kettlebell Open
  • US Strongman Clash of the Tridents
  • American Arm Wrestler/Lethal Arms
  • Strict Curl Nation Mr. America National Championship
  • Mr./Ms. America Powerlifting Contest

USA Boxing Mr. America Boxing Championships:

If you love boxing, the Mr America All-American Sports will be holding boxing championships on the 11-12th of October at the Tropicana Ballroom. Come and witness a thrilling display of skill, strategy, and athleticism in the ring.

WRPF Powerlifting

More details on the WRPF Powerlifting competition will be released soon so you just may want to be on the lookout for this exciting event!

First-Ever Arm Wrestling Competition

Mr America All-American Sports Fest: arm wrestling event

How excited are you? Brace yourself for a battle of strength and technique as the inaugural arm wrestling competition takes center stage.

For more details on the events schedule and how to acquire tickets or be a part of the competitions, the Mr America website is a great resource. 

Remember also to check out our events page for new and exciting events happening around you. From bodybuilding to football, our events page caters to your needs on fitness events in the United States.

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