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mike perry vs jake paul fight

Mike Perry Sends Warning To Jake Paul Ahead Of Upcoming Fight

The fighting talk between Perry and Jake Paul has kicked up a gear as the pair prepare for their July 20 match. In an interview on TMZ Sports TV Perry made it pretty clear how he feels about his rival, saying, “Jake, bro, we’ve never been friends”.

Perry went on to say, “He’s never been cool with me, he wanted to beat me up, and he’s a sneaky little snake”, before launching into an expletive ridden rant about how he’s planning on knocking the teeth out of Paul’s mouth.

The UFC veteran is confident that he can take Jake down, although he does acknowledge that ‘it’s going to be a fight, and it’s going to be a test of wills”.

Mike Perry Threatens To Knock Jake Paul's Teeth Out, Predicts 7th Rd KO | TMZ Sports

Not everyone is convinced though, with Eddie Hearn saying during his appearance on The MMA Hour that he doesn’t think he stands much of a chance against Paul due to the difference in size between the pair.

That does seem to be the only reason behind his doubts though, saying, “I’ve never seen Mike Perry fight. Isn’t he a welterweight or something? Two hundred pounds? He’s got absolutely no chance”.

Time will tell who’ll come out on top when the pair finally fight in a few weeks, but Perry clearly feels like his size won’t be a problem. The bare-knuckle fighter is ready to give the match his all, telling TMZ, “If he’s putting pressure on me to try and get me out of there, I’ll get him out of there quicker. When it comes to adrenaline, and that July 20th night, I’m gonna be a problem for anyone on this planet”.

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Header image credits: Talksport.com

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