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jake paul on prime banned from fight

Logan Paul Fumes At Promoters For Banning PRIME From Jake Paul’s Fight 

Logan Paul has blasted his brother’s business partner for banning PRIME from the latter’s fight against Nate Diaz. 

He and Jake engaged in a war of words after the YouTube star was told by Nakisa Bidarian he would be ‘kicked out’ if he brought a bottle of the popular hydration drink into the American Airlines Centre.

Speaking on the latest episode of Impaulsive, he said: “Nakisa banned DAZN from mentioning or bringing PRIME into the stadium, he said I would get kicked out if I brought a PRIME bottle. That’s f*cking ridiculous, dude.

“Do you think I would ever ban you from promoting any of your sh*t at any of my events? That’s ridiculous.”

Jake pointed out the event was sponsored by rival fitness drinks company CELSIUS, before nonchalantly telling Logan to “get over it.”

But that wasn’t the only issue Logan brought up with his sibling. The internet sensation also blasted both Jake and DAZN for failing to plug his upcoming fight with Dillon Danis.

Logan will return to the ring in October on the same card that features Jake’s arch-rivals KSI and Tommy Fury. 

Despite KSI and Logan’s shared business interests and newfound friendship, Jake is still very much at war with the Brit, while Fury handed him to his first defeat earlier this year.

Nonetheless, Logan was unimpressed by Jake’s failure to mention his pending bout. 

He added: “DAZN, who, by the way on the MISFITS card, KSI’s event, promoted the f*ck out of your fight against Nate Diaz, was not allowed to promote the PRIME card. That’s ridiculous. 

“Who’s ask was that? It was Nakisa’s, dude. Nakisa isn’t on team Paul, he’s on team Jake, and we’re a family. He knows that.”

Jake once again responded in flippant style, saying: “Why would I want to promote KSI’s event?”

He added: “You understand why but don’t want to accept the reality… I’m not going to promote their event, why would I do that? It’s stupid as f*ck. 

“I don’t know why the f*ck they would do that either, because they’re not good at business? They don’t have that out in their contract, f*cking idiots. That’s their f*cking problem.”

Logan Paul will go toe-to-toe with Dillon Danis on Saturday, October 14, the same night that KSI and Tommy Fury fight it out for the YouTube boxing crown. 

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