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Les Mills Starter Set Review

Les Mills Starter Set Review

Get your home workout journey off to a flying start with the Les Mills Starter Set. With the core bits of kit you need for a huge range of moves, it’s the ideal way to fit exercise into your day without having to head to the gym. Curious? Then keep reading because our Les Mills Starter Set review is here to give you the lowdown on this brilliant bundle that’ll make it easier than ever to work out at home and reach your fitness goals.

Les Mills

When it comes to fitness, Les Mills is a name you can trust. With over 50 years of experience in the business, the brand has gone from one simple gym in Auckland, New Zealand, to the hub of a global revolution. Started by Les Mills himself back in 1968, the business is still run by the Mills family, with Les’ grandchildren Diana and Les Jnr propelling it into the future.

There are now 20,000 clubs offering Les Mills programs around the world, and thousands of fitness fans also enjoying their workouts from the comfort of their own home thanks to their Les Mills LM+ memberships.

Les Mills also have an impressive range of home fitness equipment that is designed to help you train with confidence and have a better, more enjoyable workout experience.

Our top pick for beginners looking to get started with working out at home is the Les Mills Starter Set.

Les Mills Starter Set Review

Les Mills Starter Set Review

The Starter Set is a great little bundle to get you started with home workouts. Priced at $279, it comes with a set of 6 weight plates and a SMARTBAND™. 

The weight plates come in three different weights, 1kg, 2.5kg, and 5kg, so if you’ve never lifted before you can start out with the lightest options and build your strength up from there. They’re ideal for a variety of strength and toning workouts, and can be used for all kinds of moves including curls, presses, squats, and lunges.

What we love about the weight plates is that you can use them as hand weights, with the ergonomic handles helping you nail your technique in comfort. And when even the 5kg weights stop feeling like a challenge you can comfortably grip multiple plates in one hand so you can lift heavier without needing to buy another set.

If you do want to change things up though, you can also invest in the Les Mills SMARTBAR™ barbel. The weight plates are designed to slide right on so you can easily add or remove them depending on the moves you want to do and how heavy you want to lift.

With the weights as they come in the Starter Set though you can still get an incredible, full-body workout. Hold them by the center handle for curls, presses, and flies. Or grab them by the sides to use in kettlebell-style moves. They’re so versatile and so much less cumbersome than your standard dumbbells.

Les Mills Starter Set Review

Also included in the Les Mills Starter Set is the SMARTBAND™. This nifty bit of kit is the ideal addition to your beginner’s home gym, and is also small and lightweight enough to pop in your bag to take away with you.

The SMARTBAND™ resistance band is super durable and built to last, with free-moving nylon webbing to help you move with ease, and compressible handles for unmatched comfort.

With low-to-medium resistance it’s ideal for beginners, and the consistency of that resistance helps you improve your technique and makes sure you’re training in the impact zone. Designed to be used for Les Mills’ Core and Tone classes, the SMARTBAND™ is the perfect partner for toning abs, butt, and legs. 

Luckily for you, you can access those classes (and all the others Les Mills has to offer) for no extra cost, because right now when you buy the Starter Set Bundle you also get a free 3 months Les Mills LM+ membership.

And throughout May 2024 you can save 10% off your order of any Les Mills products with the discount codeMOTHERSDAY10’.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking to build strength, lose weight, or just get your body moving more, the Les Mills Starter Set bundle is the perfect choice. Go here to shop.

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