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Kevin Lee Calls Out Jake Paul

Kevin Lee Calls Out Jake Paul For His MMA Debut

Jake Paul’s recent official announcement that he’s signed with the PFL and is now a true MMA fighter has caused a bit of a stir, especially after he challenged Nate Diaz to a two-fight deal.

Kevin Lee in particular has a few things to say about the whole thing, including the fact that he doesn’t think those fights will actually end up happening.

Kevin Lee Calls Out Jake Paul, Wants MMA Fight! | TMZ Sports

Talking to TMZ he said, “Nate Diaz is a good fight. I’ll give him that, but there’s two problems with the Nate Diaz fight. Nate Diaz ain’t going to take that fight, let’s be honest. They’re going to go back and forth for months and years.”

Lee goes on to say that if Jake Paul does manage to make the fights happen then they’ll be well worth a watch, but he just doesn’t see it happening any time soon.

So his suggestion? That he fights Paul instead.

With Lee being on the brink of signing with the PFL himself a fight between the two could happen without months of back and forth. And it sounds like he’s raring to go for it, sending this message to Paul, “ Let’s make it happen. Be a man. Put your money where your mouth is. Step in there. You might lose. You’re going to lose. It’s going to happen but I’m gonna shake your hand afterward and let’s make some money.”

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