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Adin Ross

Is Twitch Streamer Adin Ross Getting Ready To Step Into The Ring?

Streamer and all-around popular internet figure Adin Ross has sparked speculation about a possible future in boxing following a viral video.

Footage of the 22-year-old American, who rose to fame on Twitch, hitting pads garnered a huge amount of reaction after it was shared on Twitter by Happy Punch Promotions. 

The star, who is good friends with the Tate brothers, was filmed throwing some simple combinations as he took his first few steps into the world of combat sport. 

It’s not yet clear whether this means he’s readying himself to enter the world of YouTube boxing, but he certainly took a lot of heat online for his form and technique. 

Reacting to the trolls, Ross said: “Everything is going to come together progressively, that was my very first time putting on gloves like that, you know. 

“I want to see what a lot of these motherf***ers that was out here talking s**t, what their fat nerdy asses are going to do in the gym the first time. 

“Wait like 6 months from now and see where I’m at… Work on yourself though, don’t worry about what people are saying. I’m still going to continue to do me.”

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