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Is It Game Over For The Liver King?

Following Liver King’s apology after being exposed for using steroids, he promised to go natural. Eight months later, he doesn’t exactly look natural. In a recent video, Liver King was seen taking a bowl of primal “cereal,” which was fresh cow milk from his ranch and testicles.

The video showed his skin looking all red, with PenguinZ0 saying he looks worse than he did eight months ago, claiming the Liver King didn’t go natural. PenguinZ0 is, in fact, of the opinion the Liver King upped his steroid use dosage.

Liver King is Looking Bad

Using steroids causes your organs to age faster, resulting in you looking older, which, according to Greg, is why Liver King looks worse in recent videos. Besides, he has yet to provide recent blood work results showing he went natural.

While Greg agrees with PenguinZ0 that Liver King upped his dosage of performance-enhancing drugs, he doesn’t believe he uses them to stay relevant, which is what PenguinZ0 believes. Greg stated that Liver King wouldn’t exactly go bankrupt if he stopped being active on social media with videos taking unhealthy meals.

Greg also smashed the hopes of the Liver King’s audience, who follow his primal lifestyle or use his products to look like him. According to him, some ways to look like the Liver King would be to use steroids and have great genetics like him.

Liver King Is "Looking Bad"

While the Liver King claims he’s still living the primal lifestyle, his recent TikTok videos prove otherwise, as he’s seen flaunting wealth on his platforms. Liver King responded to comments about being on an expensive aircraft and said he’s still primal but in search of comfort.

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