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Introducing Slumber CBN Sleep Gummies

Get that extra melatonin kick for deep, quality and restorative sleep with Summer CBN Sleep Gummies. With a unique flavor of Vanilla Blueberry, these CBN sleep gummies are every chronic insomniac’s best friend.

If you’re just trying out CBN sleep aids, these gummies are your best bet. The Slumber CBN sleep gummies are already pre-measured, offering a convenient and inexpensive way to enjoy the benefits of natural sleep aids. The pack is travel-friendly, containing three CBN sleep gummies.

Additionally, the Slumber CBN sleep gummies are ideal if you’re looking for natural, GMO and THC-free sleep aids. Each gummy contains 13g of cannabinol, otherwise known as CBN and 2g of melatonin. Together, this blend gives you complete 8 hours of restorative sleep.

slumber cbn

Unlike THC, CBN isn’t intoxicating. Instead, it has therapeutic effects and is known to alleviate stress and improve sleep. Also, the melatonin in Slumber CBN sleep gummies helps you to adjust your internal clock. Although the body naturally produces melatonin, it’s also prescribed as an over-the-counter drug for people with sleep conditions.

Need a gentle nudge to dreamland? The Slumber CBN Sleep Gummies can give you the quality sleep you desire. Head to the online store now to grab a pack. While at it, don’t forget you get 20% off when you use the Slumber CBN discount codeGYMFLUENCER.

Quality sleep awaits. Happy shopping!

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