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Tony Horton Organic Greens

Improve Your Health With The Incredible Tony Horton Organic Greens

Eat your greens! We all know we should, but we also all know that it can be tricky. No one wants boring boiled vegetables, but also who really has much time these days to be a culinary genius with broccoli every day? This is why I loved Powerlife’s Foundation Four which is widely known as Tony Horton Organic Greens.

It’s such a convenient way to ‘eat your greens’ and fuel your body with all the nutrients and goodness that it needs. I’ve tried a few green drinks before, but none that have all the benefits of Organic Greens whilst also tasting like strawberry (trust me, it works). Here’s why Powerlife by Tony Horton’s Foundation Four is the Ultimate Organic Greens.

Tony Horton Organic Greens

Would you like to be more focused, energized, and present in your day-to-day life? Do you struggle with digestive discomfort and low energy? Are you bored of finding fun ways to get greens into your diet? If you answered yes to one or all of these, then Foundation Four will truly change the game for you. With a unique blend of organic greens, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, and fiber, your digestion will never be better, and your whole body will feel healthier than ever.

One serving of Foundation Four provides two servings of organic vegetables, including 28 kale leaves, 8 spinach leaves, and 2 broccoli florets. It also contains three probiotic strains which help maintain a balance of good vs bad gut bacteria, which in turn helps relieve digestive discomfort and control cravings. A healthy gut is linked to a healthy immune system, so this unique blend of pre and probiotics, therefore, contributes to your whole-body health and wellness. Foundation Four also contains magnesium (12% of your daily value, in fact) to keep your energy going all day long, and organic acacia fiber to relieve gas and bloating.

Tony Horton Organic Greens

How To Mix Your Organic Greens

I love the convenience of getting two daily servings of greens in the form of a drink. You just mix one scoop into a 4-6 oz glass of water or add it to your morning smoothie. Foundation Four is different as it has a delightful strawberry flavor, which you wouldn’t believe considering how green the color is. Personally, I don’t usually mind the flavor of green drinks, and I did find Foundation Four Strawberry a little too sweet in water alone. This did balance out once I added more water, however mixing it into a smoothie was a genius move and really brought the strawberry flavor to life – I feel this is what makes it the ultimate organic greens. I’ve mixed it into every morning smoothie and my favorite combination so far has been a blend of foundation and four organic greens with one whole banana, one cup of spinach, 1 cup of mango, and ½ cup of almond milk. You could even mix it with your post-workout protein powder. Two weeks into using it my energy is noticeably improved and I feel my focus throughout the day is much better. I don’t normally have issues with digestion, but I have also found I am a little less bloated than usual, which is definitely a bonus! It has become an integral part of my morning routine and the fact that it is ready in minutes is even more convenient.

Foundation Four Review

Overall, Foundation Four Organic Greens is well worth a try, and 57 reviews on their website would agree, with an average of 4.91 stars out of 5. One customer wrote “nothing ever worked…until now” and another called it an “awesome product” after using it for just three weeks! One jar costs $79.95, with free shipping, or you can sign up for a free Power Life account and get your first jar for only $49.95. The more jars you buy, the more you save, and Power Life also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee should you find it’s not right for you – although I doubt you’ll need this! Foundation Four really does give you more energy, tackles your digestive issues, and is an easy and tasty way to…you know it’s coming…eat your greens!!

Organic Greens Discount Code

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