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Supergut Starch Shakes Review

Improve Your Gut Health Thanks To Supergut Starch Shakes

The more that we delve into the health and nutrition market the more we realize that the very best brands and products aren’t just a business – they’re passion projects. 

And for Founder & CEO of Supergut Starch Shakes Marc Washington, providing his customers with a healthy gut is exactly that.

A proud black-owned company, Marc started Supergut in memory of his beloved sister, Monica, to empower everyone to reclaim and sustain control over their bodies.

Backed by a deep scientific foundation, Supergut’s ambition is to be the most evidence-based and transformative food company in the world – so you can trust your gut with them.

Marc said: “Everybody with a body deserves to have great energy, a clear mind, good sleep, and a metabolism that doesn’t fall off a cliff. But it’s nearly impossible to find convenient foods with real nutrition that fit into your busy life. That’s why we created incredible-tasting nutrition that’s backed by the science of the gut microbiome, to show you how great you can be.

“Our community of loyal customers has shared openly about the measurable impact our gut balancing products have on their lives. I hope you join us in harnessing the power of your gut to reclaim and sustain great control of your body.”

Now the introductions are out of the way, let’s take a look at the product we’re here to review for you today.

Supergut Starch Shakes

If I were you, the first question on my mind would be, what makes these shakes so different from any other probiotic? 

All Supergut products — including Supergut Shakes — contain resistant starch, a specific type of dietary fiber that has been scientifically shown and clinically proven to balance the gut microbiome and reboot metabolism. 

Supergut Starch Shakes Review

Resistant starch is so effective in its ability to improve blood sugar control, digestion, sleep, inflammation, and more, that Supergut conducted a gold-standard, double-blind controlled clinical study to validate these health benefits.

Now that’s all well and good, but what does it actually mean?

Essentially, Supergut’s proprietary resistant starch fiber blend is very slowly digested, so instead of spiking blood sugar, it feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut, positively altering the microbiome and delivering metabolic benefits throughout the entire body.

Supergut Shakes were designed to help you stay satisfied while they get to work on your gut. They’re ideal as a balanced breakfast, but you can also try a shake at lunch or even as a snack.

You might think a shake can’t be a substantial meal, but the macros on these things are absolutely nuts. 

Each serving provides 20g of prebiotic fiber, 15g of high-quality protein, 26 vitamins and minerals, 0g of sugar, and less than 7g of net carbs, meaning they’re Keto friendly.

Plus, they contain no artificial colors and sweeteners and no soy. The natural sweetness instead comes from a near zero-calorie and gut-healthy sugar alternative called allulose, and a small amount of Reb M (a natural, non-GMO sweetener without the bitter aftertaste of other alternatives).

Other supercharged ingredients include unripened bananas and oat beta-glucan. 

Supergut Starch Shakes Review

Supergut shakes come in five single flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mocha Latte, Vegan Chocolate, and Vegan Vanilla. 

Being a chocoholic who is 70% powered by coffee the only choice for me was the Mocha Latte shake. So, I grabbed myself a bag and got scooping. 

You can opt to mix the shakes with either water or milk. I went for milk as I wanted to slightly up the protein while adding a bit more of a creamy flavor, but I did try it with water so I had something to compare it to. 

Supergut Starch Shakes

Both tasted great and there was a really nice balance between coffee and chocolate. Again, personal choice, but I used these shakes as a breakfast replacement as they were super fast to mix and easy to get down after I had inevitably overslept – again.

Throughout the total 28 servings, I genuinely felt my energy levels increase and I found myself being a lot more productive in the mornings in particular. 

Hunger did start to creep in just before lunch on certain days but I think that’s something I would have gotten used to over time. After all, I’m a relatively big guy and I have a diet that matches my frame, so it was never going to feel like an immediately natural switch from what I usually power down in the mornings. 

Overall I found this product to be an awesome addition to my diet and it definitely helped settle the protein belly, if you know what I mean. 
Price-wise, you can pick up a one-time shipment for $150, but if you subscribe to a plan you’ll get a whopping $51 off your order. Sound good? Check it out today.

Supergut Discount

What’s even better is that you can save 15% off all orders when using our Supergut Discount Code GF15 Here.

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