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Bulletproof activated charcoal bottle

How To Use Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal

As much as we try to eat healthily, we all have those days when things seem to go sideways. You get gassy, and it feels like you have all the toxins you ever tried to avoid trapped in your body.

During days like these, it helps to get some bulletproof coconut charcoal in you. The product was designed to provide gas relief and expel everyday toxins from the body.

You can use this supplement at home or on the go, and all you really need is one capsule, which contains 1,000 mg of activated charcoal to get you sorted.

bulletproof coconut charcoal

The Coconut Charcoal is fast acting, so you’ll get instant relief; plus, it can help you nip the effects of overeating in the bud. 

And the best part? It’s 100% coconut sourced, which is natural, healthy, and tasty.

There are certainly many things to love about this bulletproof product, but here’s one more. You can subscribe for a delivery every 8 weeks, so you never run out. Do this, and you’ll save 35% on your first order and 20% on subsequent ones.

Or, you can opt for the one-time purchase of $17.47.

Grab your own Bulletproof Coconut charcoal capsule now and enjoy instant detoxifying relief.

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