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Supergut gut balancing bundle

How The Supergut Fiber Mix Fixed My Gut Issues Forever

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve made some mistakes during my time lifting weights. From the age of 16 onwards, I’ve been in the gym, with varying consistency, trying to sculpt my physique. 

I was always quite a skinny kid during school and college which was one of my main motivations for originally starting to weight train. 

And it was that feeling of insecurity that led me to embark on an ill-informed and ill-thought-out bulk that saw me pile tonnes of unhealthy food and unnecessary calories into my body without tracking or setting proper macros in an attempt to gain mass.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, whether you’re like me and a poor diet caused you long-term gut problems, or if you just have an adverse reaction to some foods, or maybe if you’re even trying to control your blood sugar for medical reasons, suffering from digestive problems can be a real drain. 

At the age of 25 and with plenty of experience under my belt, I now follow a much more controlled and healthy diet, but the damage that I caused during my younger years has always remained. 

Since then, I have been searching for a remedy for my gut issues, which is exactly how I stumbled across Supergut Fiber Mix. Today, I’ll be putting the product under the spotlight and letting you all know exactly what I thought. Now the anecdotes are out of the way, let’s get into it, shall we?

Supergut Fiber Mix to the Rescue

Supergut fiber mix

Before I tell you about the transformative effects Supergut Fiber Mix had on my body, let me first give you a bit of background about the product, and the company that created it. 

Powered by resistant starch, Supergut Fiber Mix contains a potent mix of natural ingredients such as unripened green bananas, oat beta-glucan, resistant potato starch and soluble vegetable fiber. 

All Supergut products – including Supergut Fiber Mix – contain resistant starch, a specific type of dietary fiber that has been scientifically shown and clinically validated to balance the gut microbiome and reboot metabolism. 

Resistant starch is actually so effective in its ability to improve weight, blood sugar control, digestion, sleep, inflammation and more, that Supergut conducted a gold-standard, double-blind controlled clinical study to validate these health benefits.

Results show that people who tucked into a bagel with juice for breakfast experienced a 42% blood sugar reduction thanks to Supergut Fiber Mix.

I know it might all sound a little confusing, so here’s how it works. Supergut’s proprietary resistant starch fiber blend is very slowly digested, so instead of spiking blood sugar, it feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut, positively altering the microbiome and delivering metabolic benefits throughout the entire body.

In addition to Supergut’s resistant starch fiber blend, their Fiber Mix is completely unflavoured and unsweetened, has a mere 1g of net carbs, and only 15 calories. It’s their most versatile product, can be added to your favourite foods and drinks, and can adapt to any diet or lifestyle, including keto.

The Supergut Fiber Mix Review 

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I’m always wary about adding unflavoured powders to my food and drinks for several reasons. Chiefly because they often alter the flavour and leave a mealy texture in your mouth which can be quite unsavoury. 

So I was pleasantly surprised when I added it to my routine morning oatmeal. I topped it with fruit and a touch of honey as I always do and genuinely couldn’t tell the difference. There was no bitter aftertaste or grainy finish, everything was just as it should be. 

The convenient single-serving stick packs also made it super easy to ensure the correct amount was going into my food. If you aren’t an oatmeal person and are looking for some more inspiration as to what you can add this mixture to, then check out some of Supergut’s recipe ideas. 

I spent a month, or 28 days for those of you who want to be pedantic, adding the Supergut Fiber Mix to my morning meals, and I noticed some truly amazing benefits in that period alone. In the first couple of weeks, I felt fuller for longer and made it to lunch without reaching for a snack. I also noticed a big upturn in my energy levels and didn’t spend the morning yawning at my desk like I usually do. 

As the month progressed, I experienced even more incredible benefits that completely sold me on the power of resistant starch fiber. My regularity and digestion improved to the best it has been in years, while my quality of sleep and mood further benefitted. It’s safe to say that Supergut Fiber Mix has helped fix a long-standing problem that I thought I’d be burdened with for a long time to come. I have absolutely no doubt that I’ll be ordering another box. 

As for the price, the product costs $59 for a one-off purchase, but if you subscribe you’ll save 17% and pay just $49 instead. Do you want to feel the transformative effects of Supergut Fiber Mix for yourself? Then click here to grab yours today!

If you visit the Supergut Website, you can also get 15% off your purchase with discount code GF15

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