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alex eubank

Gymfluencers HOT Vlog Channels: Introducing Alex Eubank

Buckle up people, the Gymfluencers ‘HOT Vlog‘ series is back and better than ever. 

Today on our quest to help you find your new favourite influencer we bring you the king of shredding, Alex Eubank

Now, we do have to issue a quick disclaimer, Alex is one of those people you look at and think, ‘Life’s not fair’. 

The 23-year-old has the hair and looks of a chiselled surfer and the body of a Greek god. But it wasn’t always that way. 

Training My Twin Sister

 In fact, one of Alex’s Instagram posts shows his incredible transformation from a pretty normal teenager to the icon he is today. 

Naturally, Alex’s newfound form attracts a lot of attention from girls in the gym, and his content ranges from cheeky videos of him dropping game to crossover workouts with other internet celebrities such as HStikkytokky, Bradley Martyn, and David Laid. 

There are also plenty of other fun challenges and life updates sprinkled in for good measure, so there’s plenty for you to get your teeth stuck into when you inevitably get hooked. 

alex eubank

Given his output, it’s no surprise Alex has more than 1m subscribers on YouTube and 2.5m followers on Instagram. He’s got a keen eye for business, too, having started his own clothing brand, Elysium. 

So, if you want to find the motivation to get shredded, or just fancy watching some light-hearted gym content, then Alex is your man.

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