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ghost X sour strips

Ghost x Sour Strips Collab Is The Best Of 2023

Holy Moly have we got some exciting news for you! An incredible new collab between supplement brand Ghost and candy company Sour Strips has just been announced and it sounds like a match made in heaven.

Maxx Chewning, the man behind Sour Strips, made the announcement in a YouTube video and to say he’s excited about it is a massive understatement. The guy is absolutely buzzing as he reveals that Sour Strips have paired up with Ghost to release a range of 4 incredible products.

First off is a Sour Strips Rainbow flavor of Ghost’s energy drink, which Maxx describes as tasting just like the candy, sour but not too sour, and not so sweet that you only want to drink a little bit. This is an energy drink you’ll happily enjoy every day without getting sick of the taste!


Cans of the drink will be hitting the shelves of GNC and Vitamin Shop on September 9th, both in store and online, and is likely to see out fast so move quickly if you want to get your hands on some!

Along with Ghost Energy, the collab also includes Sour Strips Rainbow flavors of Ghost’s Legend V3 Preworkout, Pump Preworkout, and Size Muscle Builder.

And in keeping with the rainbow theme, when you mix the powders up you’ll find that Legend is blue, Pump is red, and Size is yellow, and of course they all have that incredible Rainbow Sour Strips taste.

So mark September 9th on your calendar and stock up on all your favorite Ghost supplements in this new, insanely good flavor while you can!

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