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joggo running app

Get Started with Joggo – Your Ultimate Digital Running Trainer

Every marathon starts with a single step, and with Joggo, that initial effort gets a whole lot easier. Introducing the Joggo app, a unique fusion of running guidance and nutritional insights, making it your personal digital trainer and dietician all in one. Whether you’re a pro or taking those first tentative steps, Joggo is ready to get you moving.

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Why Joggo?

  • From Novice to Pro: Suitable for both beginners and seasoned runners.
  • Truly Personalized: Your running plans are curated based on your age, BMI, and activity level.
  • Weight Loss Simplified: A fusion of running, diet plans, and intelligent tracking to shed those pounds.
  • Learn and Grow: Access educational articles on running techniques, nutrition hacks, and much more.
  • Treadmill Mode: Because sometimes, running indoors is the best option.

Join a Community of Runners

joggo running app

Over 120k active runners have traveled a combined distance of 686,614 miles and counting, all using Joggo!

Delicious & Nutritious

With more than 35,000 delectable recipes to choose from, your dieting days just got tastier.

Subscription Details:

  • 2 months: $33.00
  • 4 months: $46.00
  • 6 months: $66.00

Joggo’s Unique Selling Points:

  • Holistic Guidance: From warm-ups to cool-downs, and even breathing techniques, it’s all covered.
  • Audio Assistance: Enjoy on-the-go tips, motivations, and guidance directly in your ears.
  • Track Your Progress: The in-app weight loss tracker keeps you on course.
  • Diet Diversity: Choose from over 10 popular diet plans tailored for you.

Checkout Benefits:

  • Benefit from the expertise of professional nutritionists and elite coaches who curate your running plan.
  • Dive into an easy-to-follow, delectable meal plan designed for faster weight loss.
  • Explore a comprehensive guide on running. From posture to motivation, Joggo’s got you covered.
  • Embrace science-backed tips to dine out wisely, sidestep nutrition pitfalls, and make the most of superfoods.

Joggo isn’t just another app; it’s a transformative experience. Start your fitness journey today, one step at a time. Because with Joggo, every step counts.

Visit the Joggo website here to get started.

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