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The Healthy Place Embarks on a Decade-Long Journey to Promote Health and Wellness

A decade has passed since Tim and Becki O’Brien, with their newborn daughter by their side, embarked on a mission to enhance the health and wellness sector in Wisconsin. Back in June 2010, their brainchild, The Healthy Place – Apple Wellness, a modest vitamin and supplement store, opened its doors in Fitchburg, WI. Their unswerving commitment to quality and education has not only propelled their growth but also fortified their standing as a reputable wellness destination.

The Healthy Place’s mission is simple yet robust; to impact, empower, and educate every customer to construct a lifelong foundation of health and wellness. The O’Brien’s aspire to trigger a domino effect of healthful changes that permeate all aspects of their customers’ lives. They contend that health, in all its glory, is worth battling for, and they’re more than willing to be on the frontline.

“We aimed to be more than just another supplement store; we wanted to be the best. We’ve always envisioned The Healthy Place as an oasis where customers receive not only top-tier products but also the knowledge to confidently march towards a healthier lifestyle,” stated Tim O’Brien.

Six years after the inaugural store, the duo replicated their successful blueprint in Sun Prairie, WI. By 2019, they expanded their reach further west into Madison, WI. These growth milestones serve as testaments to their enduring founding principles — superior products and customer empowerment.

A key component of The Healthy Place’s success formula is the meticulous care and comprehensive training poured into their team. Every recruit undergoes a mandatory, robust training program, spanning three months, with an emphasis on product knowledge and customer care. Their in-depth expertise then extends to their customers, cultivating a well-informed consumer base.

Moreover, the rigorous quality screening of every brand placed on their shelves, be it in-store or online, underscores their commitment to delivering the finest wellness products to their customers.

Their journey, however, doesn’t stop at providing excellent customer service and quality products. The Healthy Place believes in reciprocating the love and support they receive from their customers. Therefore, they have made a monthly commitment to give back to their local communities.

As they look forward to the next decade of inspiring health and wellness, The Healthy Place is offering a special promotion. Customers can now enjoy a 15% discount on their purchase using the Healthy Place Discount Code GF15 at checkout. This promotion reaffirms their enduring commitment to making health and wellness accessible to all.

Remember, every step towards better health is a step worth taking, and The Healthy Place is eager to walk this journey with you.

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