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WalkingPad Discount Code

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WalkingPad Discount Code

Innovative exercise technology is ushering in a new era of convenience and quality of life. The brainchild of a group of Chinese postgraduate and doctoral students, the WalkingPad, a highly portable and easy-to-use exercise machine, has been making waves in the fitness industry.

Born out of personal experience and necessity, King Smith, a member of the founding team, turned his quest for a healthier lifestyle into a game-changing invention. As doctoral students at the University of Science and Technology of China, the team’s prowess in robotics led them to win the prestigious RoboCup in 2013 and 2014. However, the intense pressure of research left King Smith physically drained and yearning for a way to incorporate exercise into his busy schedule.

Unable to find an existing solution that met his needs, Smith and his team embarked on a mission to develop their own. Their invention needed to be space-efficient, available for use anytime, anywhere, and easy to store. Thus, the WalkingPad was born.

The WalkingPad is the first product of its kind, a feat achieved through the integration of several patented technologies and designs. Its popularity skyrocketed after being launched on Mi Crowdfunding, creating an entirely new product category aptly named after itself – the “WalkingPad.”

What sets this invention apart is its cleverly engineered design. It folds to 180°, thereby allowing for easy storage under a sofa or desk, and it’s equipped with smart step sensing speed control. This product takes the philosophy of “light exercise and light life” to new heights by enabling users to enjoy a high-quality life through walking at home.

The WalkingPad team aims to bring sports and a healthy lifestyle within everyone’s reach, irrespective of space constraints or busy schedules. Especially beneficial for office workers, the WalkingPad not only helps to improve and maintain health but also provides a delightful escape from the grind of reality.

To celebrate the success of WalkingPad, all customers are now being offered a $100 discount on orders over $300 with the $100 Off WalkingPad Discount Code GYMFLUENCERSAGENCY. This is a limited-time opportunity to own this revolutionary piece of fitness equipment and step into a healthier lifestyle.

In the face of increasing global sedentary tendencies, WalkingPad presents a unique solution for those seeking to incorporate fitness into their everyday lives. The product embodies the brand’s core values of promoting light exercise for a light and healthy life, and the team is committed to helping more people fall in love with sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The WalkingPad stands as a beacon of hope for all who seek to escape the trap of inactivity, one step at a time.

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