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Christian Guzman Just Made Us All Cry 

Christian Guzman has just made us all cry with an emotional, cinematic masterpiece. 

The American businessman, bodybuilder, and influencer extraordinaire raised eyebrows when he posted a video titled ‘I signed the contract of a lifetime’ on his YouTube channel. 

After pulling up to his very own Alphaland, a projector started playing a home video from his birthday party as a kid. 

What came next was an absolute tear-jerker. In an emotional letter to himself, he wrote: “Dear Christian, today is your 30th birthday, which means it has been 10 years since you first picked up that camera and started on this journey.”

Various clips of a much younger-looking Christian were interwoven into the footage as he reminisced about the journey which has made him one of the most prevalent faces in the fitness industry. 

Christian Guzman’s Ten Goals

He added: “Over the next 10 years I’m dedicating myself to accomplishing 10 goals that absolutely terrify me. I believe your word is your bond, this is more than a letter, this is a contract to myself. To hold myself accountable, even when it seems impossible. Goal number 1, film and upload 1,000 YouTube videos.” 

Christian has wasted no time in taking steps to achieve his second goal, which is to build a reputable fashion brand. In the same breath he revealed his intentions to fans, he announced the launch of ODILIA – a label named after his mum’s legacy, with special meaning packed into every square inch of the sign. 

Goal number 3 was one he had already talked about in previous podcast appearances, to transform Summer Shredding into an entire bodybuilding league, with multiple global shows per year, leading up to 1 single championship. 

In between each goal Christian took us on a trip down memory lane, and for goal number 4 he played a clip of him talking about the evolution of his very first Alphalete gym. 

I signed the contract of a lifetime.

Starting from humble beginnings with just a handful of equipment, he paid homage to the journey which has seen it evolve into a bodybuilding mecca. But there’s much more to come. 

“Develop 5 new Alphalete gyms around the world,” he added. “I want to level up the culture of the Alphalete gym into new locations. The energy of this community deserves to grow internationally.”

For anyone other than Christian, you would be forgiven for reading through his ambitious list with pessimism. But knowing his track record, you certainly wouldn’t bet against him completing the lot. 

He continued to add getting Alphalete apparel into select retailers across the world, earning his IFBB pro card, starting a non-profit organisation, designing and building a forever home, and starting a new business that will generate 100m+ in revenue as goals number 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. 

Goal number 10, however, was the one that will put a lump in your throat. He said: “The final goal is the one that sounds the most simple, but will be the hardest. Be present. Remember that you’re human and that is enough. I hope you stop every once in a while and check in with yourself. 

“Absorb the moment and live in the now. Time is the one thing you can’t buy, so go easy on yourself.”

Sealing the letter, he finished: “Here’s to the past, present, and future.”

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