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Discover the Power of Comprehensive Sensitivity Testing with Check My Body Health

In a continued commitment to health and wellness, Check My Body Health is unveiling its new offering: The Complete Sensitivity Health Test. Building on their already sterling reputation as the go-to authority in sensitivity, allergy, and intolerance testing, this test is poised to redefine the standards of personalized health solutions.

The Complete Sensitivity Health Test is a veritable encyclopedia of information. Retailing at a base price of $95.00, this comprehensive test is currently available for an enticing sale price of just $38.00. What’s more? Customers can avail an additional 5% off by using the Check My Body Health Discount CodeGYM5‘.

What Makes This Test Stand Out?

Hair Sample for Efficiency

A few strands of your hair are all that’s needed for this thorough analysis.

Prompt Results

In just 3 working days from the receipt of your sample at the lab, your comprehensive report will be delivered.

Depth and Breadth of Testing

check my body health
  • Food & Drink: This category alone tests for 401 items, ranging from grains, nuts, seeds, to various beverages like cider and white wine. Food sensitivities can lead to myriad symptoms like digestive issues, fatigue, and more.
  • Heavy Metals: With 59 items tested, from aluminum to lead, the effects of everyday heavy metal exposures are meticulously examined.
  • Vitamin A-K: Analyzing 14 vitamins, this section ensures your body is receiving the vitamins it needs for optimal functioning.
  • Environmental Sensitivity: 156 items, including flora and fauna, are examined for their potential adverse reactions on the body.
  • Minerals: A focus on 26 key minerals, ensuring you get your daily dose to maintain overall well-being.
  • Additives: A whopping 303 additives, whether natural or artificial, are put under the microscope to gauge their effects on your body.
  • Gut Health: Examines 6 bacterial strains crucial for your health.
  • Digestion: Evaluates the presence and efficiency of 5 digestive enzymes in the body.

After the Test – Unlocking a World of Personalized Insights:

check my body health
  • Detailed Sensitivity Report: Post-testing, each customer receives a detailed and comprehensive sensitivity report, revealing intricate insights into individual reactions and tolerances.
  • Guidance on the Go: A complimentary elimination diet guide helps steer customers through the maze of managing their sensitivities, making the journey to optimal health more navigable.
  • Document Your Diet: A free food reintroduction diary aids users in the reintroduction phase, ensuring every reintroduced item is closely monitored for any reactions.

How the Process Works

The process is simple

  • Order: Once your test is ordered, you’ll receive a unique digital code and a submission form.
  • Post Your Sample: A mere few strands of hair are to be sent back to Check My Body Health’s accredited laboratory.
  • Receive Insights: In a secure, swift manner, your detailed PDF report will be emailed to you.

In the dynamic world of health and wellness, this offering from Check My Body Health stands out as a beacon of comprehensive, personalized health analysis. Dive deep into understanding your body, knowing what suits it, and taking your well-being into your hands with the Complete Sensitivity Health Test.

Visit the website here to get your tests. Don’t forget to use discount code GYM5 for an additional 5% off your purchase.

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