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Callum Von Moger is back!

Calum Von Moger Is Back After Recent Suicide Attempt

Calum Von Moger, the Australian actor and bodybuilder, has released a video talking about his recent coma and all the mental health issues that led up to it.

The Generation Iron actor stated that he’d had a tough year battling depression, anxiety and drug addiction. According to him, one of his greatest regrets was knowing that he wasn’t doing that well and letting it go by without addressing it.

“I think something I regret the most is realizing that I wasn’t doing that well; you know, I was going through a lot. And I always had this mindset that I can handle it.”

Looking back, he admitted that depression and anxiety were two things he’d always had a grip on and never wanted to show people that he was now struggling with them.

He also acknowledged that letting down the people closest to him made him feel horrible about his choices.

“It feels terrible to let people down… to just let those things go by and not think about it.”

The “Mr Universe” actor ended the video by reassuring viewers. that he’s doing much better now and looking forward to reconnecting with his fans. Catch up on more recent news on Gymfluencers here.

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